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Journal - Disney World®

May 16, 2017

Travel - Ticket Lanyards
Tips for Universal World visits suggest that visitors wear a lanyard with a clear pouch so passes can be put in the pouch with the bar codes showing so that it can be scanned quickly without removing from pockets etc.  Also suggested that the lanyard is safely tucked inside one’s shirt when on a ride so as to avoid the safety bar from pulling on it.
Since there are nine of us, we ordered two packets of five lanyards/pouches in each set.
Nice to have these hints ahead of time so can get everything in place before we go. Thinking the lanyards might be handy for our flight/boarding passes as well.

May 15, 2017

The tickets -- all nine of them --  have been here for awhile exciting.  And Julie has been amazing - I have all nine WDW passes - linked fastpasses to them and we are feeling very comfortable in embarking on our travels to Walt Disney World in three weeks. Today I am off to get some Florida wardrobe additions. The fun I think has just begun. Thanks so much to Julie Mills for all of her help. Watch for pictures... they will be coming. Two friends taking seven children - could not have even thought of this without Julie's help.  Connect with her on Facebook.


January 1, 2017

This trip has been in the works for awhile.  Taking four grandchildren and one of their friends, and traveling with a good friend and her two nieces.  Now is the time to get serious about obtaining venue tickets.  We are working with a travel agent who specializes in Disney destinations.  Knowing the ropes is certainly a benefit and we are excited to get started.  She has already given us some valuable ideas to consider: park hopper tickets vs an extra day's ticket etc.  We'll have 7 teens and preteens, and 2 adults in our travel group.  Should be fun.  If you want to take advantage of the services of a travel agent - check with Julie too.  We'll let you know how our experience goes as we move along.
         Julie Mills
         Travel Agent, Key to the World Travel®
         Phone: 757-672-8278

We have plans to make Disney our anchor stop, SeaWorld, and Universal (for Harry Potter).
Stay tuned for more as we move along.

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