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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Holiday Gift Giving Book#2 (family gift)

Applesauce Season
Lipson, Eden Ross. (2009) Applesauce Season. Illustrated by Mordicial Gerstein. Roaring Book Press. 32 pages. ISBN: 97778-1-59643-216-1. $17.99.

Give a family gift, a recipe for applesauce, the book and a batch of wonderful apples, a variety of types—at least three, in a basket.
"My grandmother says there has to be at least three kinds in each pot of sauce for real flavor,...."

The final page of the book does have an applesauce recipe using 6 pounds of apples. Another excellent recipe is Maria Rodale's recipe from Maria's Farm Country Kitchen.
Or maybe make an apple pie or applesauce spice cake -- some families may as the boy in the book says, "Apple pie is good, but I still like applesauce best. Maybe I'll change my mind when I grow up. Maybe not."

December 2, 2009 (Wednesday)

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