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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Library Closes, a new blog, and a new book.

About libraries, a blog, and a new book
Many of you know Jacqueline Briggs Martin, the author of the Caldecott Award Winning /Snowflake Bentley/. Coming out this month is a dynamic new book /The Chiru of High Tibet/. It is an astounding book that tells the true story of four men who seek to find the birthing grounds of the endangered Chiru.
Martin has begun a blog to provide some of the inside details about the research and writing of this book (and her own amazing trip to Tibet). Every so often on her blog, she also imparts some sage comments about many things that matter greatly to educators and writers. On August 26 she wrote about the closing of the curriculum library associated with the University of Iowa.
All educators/librarians should heed her advice (IMHO) and as she states in her concluding remarks, " Wallets and pens. We must do what we can with wallets and pens to be sure we have places to buy and places to read these books."
Martin's blog is
You might also want to check out the /The Chiru of High Tibet /on the author's website at -- this page has some links to additional connections that will help make this book a must have for any library that serves children and young adult readers, and a valuable book for any study of Tibet, protection of endangered animals, explorers, or oil vs nature.
This book has implications for all ages (elementary and secondary); and her post on the blog has implications for all readers -- old and young and in-between -- so pick up your pen and write in support of a library; any library you value, and vote for books with your wallet (support your library, and your local book dealers.) 

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