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Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Visit Complete ...

This year we were blessed to have all dozen grandchildren and all six children (plus three wonderful women and one awesome guy) present for our Christmas eve get-together. First time in a dozen or so years. Here we are with the "grands" -
Back row: Michael Joseph, Kylie, Grandpa, Ava, Marissa, Grandma, Kaydence, Jessie
Front row: Tarrah, Jade, E.J. Aubrey (Gavin in front of her), Griffin

And no visit home would be complete without a visit to our local (Cedar Rapids) Happy Joe's restaurant.  Here is Steve's family (without Steve, but with Christina, Marissa, Kylie, Kaydence, and E.J.) with Aunt Suzanne (brown shirt) and Aubrey (the blond) celebrating Aubrey's 20th birthday.  The requested pizza is always the Happy Joe's special, sauerkraut and Canadian bacon.  Birthday celebration or not  whenever Steve visits from Nevada a trip to Happy Joe's is mandatory.
The second mandatory restaurant trip is to Oscar's Family Restaurant in Hiawatha, Iowa - on the corner of Boysen Road and N. Center Point Rd.  They have absolutely the BEST breaded tenderloin sandwiches in the Midwest.  Always fried just right - fresh and lightly breaded.   It seems the western states have not gotten the hang of serving this sandwich.  Steve's visit is always serious business -- and don't bother giving him a menu; he knows what he has come for.

A great trip - wonderful Christmas days, Happy Joe's, and Oscars -- sledding, overnights at the cousins, dinners out with the siblings, watching Iowa win the Insight Bowl -- what could be better?

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