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Friday, January 13, 2012

Henry Box Brown - backlist

One of the books that are on MY backlist of favorite books is:

Levine, Ellen.  Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad.   Illustrated by Kadir Nelson.  Scholastic, 2006.  Caldecott Honor Award Book, 2007.

I love this story and hope it forever stays in print.  It is one of those picture books that begs to be used with older intermediate/middle school readers so that they can delve into research about his life and other escapes during the days of slavery.  Recently Suzette Spencer updated the entry about Henry Box Brown on the Virginia Foundation for  the Humanities website.  If a story is "based" on a true story, I want to know what the TRUE story really is.  Brown's story is told here.

Spencer, Suzette and the Dictionary of Virginia Biography. "Henry Box Brown (1815 or 1816–after February 26, 1889)." Encyclopedia Virginia. Ed. Brendan Wolfe. READ_DATE. Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. 23 Mar. 2011 <>.

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