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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Four Days of Giving - Autographed Books

Giving a Child the World

The book has been awarded to ERIN WILDER - congratulations.

In a previous post I suggested that giving a gift of a book was like giving a child the world.  Readers are leaders and anytime we can encourage a child to read and anytime we can promote literacy with a specific child we are helping that child develop her/his leadership skills and giving them a key to the world.
With the help of 23 blogs and Albert Whitman & Company who have graciously agreed to provide AUTOGRAPHED books for this four days of giving; we collectively will be giving away nearly two dozen autographed books—books that you may gift to a child.

This blog will be giving away an autographed copy of
When I Feel Worried  signed by Cornelia Spelman.  Of this book, Kirkus Reviews said, "The charming illustrations extend the text by creating a believable setting for each sort of worry. . . This amusing but satisfying story will ease the worries of a nervous child or help more confident children to be more empathetic to the needs of a worried friend."

If you would like this autographed book to give to a special child in your life all you need to do is comment on this blog entry BEFORE 8:00 p.m. (CDT) on August 4, 2013. The comment must provide just one idea for encouraging a young reader to LOVE books.  

On August 4th, after 8 p.m.,  we will announce the winner - as a final comment on the blog (and through e-mail, if possible).  The announced winner must respond within 24 hours with the needed information (mailing address etc.)  or we will select an alternate winner.

Enter now (just make a comment providing one idea for encourage a young child to LOVE books) and then visit these blogs for more chances to win other autographed copies.  These other blogs will have their own procedure for entering to win the book being given from their blog site.
-Must be 13+ 
-US/Canada address only
-Book giveaway announced August 4 - midnight.

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Comment now and we'll choose a winner by random on August 4th.

FIRST winner named - -Erin Wilder; must receive USPS mailing address by Tuesday at Midnight.


  1. I encourage our library learners by sharing my love of books through interactive book talks and lunch bunch book clubs.

  2. Lisa Bloom5:57 AM

    I encourage young readers (4K) to love books by listening to stories on tape and acting out their favorite stories. They also look at a new book each morning and search for the letter of the week and tell me what they think the story is about by looking at the illustrations.

  3. Wendy House6:21 AM

    Sharing a book you are excited about with others can create interest and excitement about a book. I encourage young readers to love books by talking about them, displaying them, and making them available in my classroom. When a child has time to discover books independently, in shared reading with a partner, and/or in a guided reading group, it gives them opportunities to make meaningful connections to them.

  4. Stacy Beltmann5:18 PM

    I invite my kindergarten students to a "Book Share." Students bring a favorite story from home to discuss with the class during Morning Meeting. We do a few each day so everybody can focus on the speaker!

  5. Cathi Bolton3:06 PM

    I think the best way to encourage young children to read is to surround them with books. Present books as gifts, be a role model by letting your child see you read, read to your child, have lots of books in the house, and make regular trips to the library. These actions communicate that books are to be treasured and are important to your child’s future.

  6. Erin Wilder5:30 PM

    One way I rally kids' excitement about reading/books is by creating reading spaces and rituals around books -- these may be reading tents/nooks filled with baskets of beautiful books and plastered with kids' book recommendations. Weaving books into classroom/home rituals (and/or creating rituals around reading workshop -- bells, poetry chants for transitioning) highlights its importance. Of course, modeling the love of books and the love of words by rereading and lingering/wondering about certain parts goes a long way, as well.

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  7. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Reading to a child is the best way to to spark a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

  8. I make sure to keep reading in the forefront and a fun activity for kids by dressing up as book characters as often as possible, offering reading incentives where "everyone wins", working with our PTO to put a book in each student's hands every year, reading to kids in their classrooms and in the library, and organizing activities to promote our statewide book award books. One of the most important things I do, though, is working closely with the other adults in our school and our local public library to highlight and encourage books that get kids excited about reading all year long.

  9. I have a collection of Cornelia Spelman's books in my school library. My guidance teacher uses them in her classes, but I also recommend them to students when I know they are dealing with a particular issue. The best thing I've found to get kids into books is to hand it to them and say, "I was thinking of you." My students love it when I remember their interests.

  10. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to share books with children all day long. It may be through a read aloud, or through individual suggestions and conversations, or, sometimes, through sharing an appropriate title like this one with a teacher or counselor. I find that te best way to interest kids in reading is to read to them, love doing it, and then be interested learning what they like.
    BTW, this giveaway's extra bonus is to become acquainted with all these book blogs!

  11. Enthusiasm is contagious! My students and I create Animoto videos of new books and award winners. I book talk formally and informally, talk to students as they browse the shelves helping them find a just-right-book, I tell them about my current reads and gush if they pick up a book I've recently read and loved. Provide opportunities for them to share with their peers too.

  12. Each month our Panther Dens feature a title for cross-grade level discussion. This title would be perfect.

  13. I think kids just need to be shown books-- there are picture books on every topic. My nephew loves books about trucks even though he can only read the pictures at this point.

  14. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Thanks for encouraging me to love books, Mom!

    1. :>) You are welcome. And thank you for reading aloud to your younger brothers and sister all those years.