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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thank You, Sarah by Laurie Halse Anderson

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we've collected some resources -- just for the holiday.

One of our favorite books for the holiday is Laurie Halse Anderson's Thank You, Sarah which details the origin of the "official" holiday in the United States.  I prefer this focus of thanksgiving to the highly romanticized origins rooted in the Pilgrim days.  They surely had harvest feasts of thanksgiving but history has romanticized the event so much that it bears little resemblance to the real events of the day.  I much prefer to begin the story when  “skirts were long and hats were tall.”  So this book has become my book of choice:
Anderson has created a pinterest page to share other resources related to the book.  I loved the link to the History Cookbook that shares a recipe for Sarah Josepha Hale's apple pudding (a pie like dish) recipe.

Pumpkin Pie is traditionally the pie of choice for the holidays and there is no shortage of information about that as well.

Find out how pumpkins are grown by visiting this site of an Iowa pumpkin patch.

Fresh pumpkin is so delicious and makes great pumpkin pies and pumpkin bars.  Check out this blog post on how to cook fresh pumpkin.

Pumpkin recipes galore - check here for those. And check here for a list of pumpkin books.

For more about apples and apple books check this post out at

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