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Friday, April 03, 2015

Easter Eggs - in a basket

Dying Hollow Eggs

Nothing fancy here.  We just set out to make a basket of Easter eggs with a 2 year old.  So wanted to keep things simple.  Did not want to boil the eggs (deviled eggs were not in the schedule this Easter) so decided to blow the eggs out (use the eggs for scrambled) and then dye the egg shells for a centerpiece basket.  Read all the blogs with hints and instructions for blowing out the eggs and decided that I was not going to "blow" them at all.  A can of air would do the trick.  So with a cup to catch the insides - I began, can of air in hand.
Holes at each end -- and I used the can of compressed air to blow out the insides.  Worked nicely -- except, the pressure of the air also blew out the egg shell in interesting ways.  Few of the egg shells remained intact.  But fortunately we really did not care as we wanted to have chicks hatching from the eggs anyway so a few cracks here and there would only add to the authenticity.

Cups, a few drops of food coloring, a splash of vinegar, and HOT water filling each cup 1/2 full and... — a great helper.

Since the eggs are empty the shells had to be held down or they would just float to the top and only dye the bottom side of the egg shell.
 Once the egg has the intensity of color one wants it to be it should be lifted out and put gently on a paper towel.  Of course if one is impatient, the eggs may just barely get dyed to the palest of pale colors.
 Now we just need some baby chicks to sit inside the basket with the cracking eggs.

Happy Easter.

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  1. I remember blowing eggs for some project years ago! The canned air sounds like a good idea, and your resulting basket of eggs makes a lovely centerpiece.