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Friday, April 30, 2021

May 19 - A Day to Honor Nicholas George Winton - WWII Hero

May 19 - The Anniversary of the Birth of Nicholas George Winton

Nicholas George Winton was a banker in 1938 when he found himself in Czechoslovakia facing hundreds of refugee children fleeing from the Nazis with no place (and little hope) of being saved.  With ingenuity, some machination, and unconventional actions he saved 669 children from death camps.  All were transported to England or Sweden, where host families raised them, as most if not all of their parents perished at the hands of the Nazis.

Read: Peter Sis's book Nicky & Vera (Norton Young Readers, 2021).
(A book for ages 6-9 but needs to be read by all who can read - children, teens, adults, and elders)

From the publisher:nicky & vera; picture book; peter sis

Learn more about this hidden hero of World War II:
McElmeel, Sharron. (2021, Jan. 31). Nicky Winton - A Hero Hidden in Plain Sight.  McBookwords (Blog). 

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McElmeel, Sharron. (2021, May 1). May 19 - A Day to Honor Nicholas George Winton.  McBookwords (Blog).


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