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Thursday, December 14, 2006


If you give children toys as gifts they will treasure toys; if you give books they will treasure books. They will value what you value. I often package a book and a practical item such as cookie cutters, t-shirts, themed gift baskets etc. as a family gift.

Those of you who are fans of Nicole Rubel's work might be interested in the t-shirts, mousepads etc. that you can order -- great reading and more-- I particularly like the "I am a Reading Kid" (note Ralph in the book) and the "Libraries Bring You the World"

An older tie-in for the "I am a Reading Kid" theme is the "DORK" products -- I am a Dork* a Dangerously Outrageous Reading Kid -- check out

There's some great Shakespeare gifts at
Be sure you scroll down.

And Blue Button Gifts has an "Add a Book" option at

If you have other great gift sites -- e-mail me at


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