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Thursday, June 19, 2008

And Now Back to Books

We'll be leaving the 2008 Flood behind and turn our attention back to literacy and books. But first a transition message.

Those who had books and papers damaged by the flooding might be interested in this link to the "Heritage Emergency National Task Force" page giving Tips for Salvaging Water Damaged Valuables. The page is at
Of course those recommendations are excellent not only for books, but for family keepsakes, letters from Great-Grandpa and the like. Those who need more information regarding other preservation possibilities should go to the National Trust for Historic Preservation website, to receive excellent professional advice on a variety of issues related to flood disasters.

And I will repeat my earlier recommendation -- it's time to get out River Friendly, River Wild by Jane Kurtz. That book resulted from the 1997 flood of the Red River. Few people in our area realize that the official formal name of the Cedar River that so devastated our town is "Red Cedar River." Too coincidental I think. But Grand Forks made a model recovery and Cedar Rapids officials will bode well to take some pointers from that city's experiences.

Now for sure we are leaving the river behind us.

Sharron McElmeel

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