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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Progress -Kudos and Lemons

Well Uncle Steve has his basement pumped out, power
washed, and yard cleaned. The furnace, water heater and such, and some
antique furniture are gone but there's been progress. The check point
situation did not work at all - only frustrated all that came. As one
out-of-state police officer said, "Seems sort of disorganized." City
tried to be too militant and did not count on the human element -- or
on their lack of organization and the tremendous need for "official"
people that their micro-controlled plan would entail.

Here's a beginning list of kudos and lemons:

Kudos to Roger the FEMA
guy who showed up at Uncle Steve's house today and was polite,
courteous and respectful. Kept in contact saying just when he would
come and did what he said.

Lemons to the pair of FEMA workers who showed up in the eighth street NW street and grouched when a resident who was expecting FEMA workers asked if they were there for his house. The answer was "no." And lemons to the FEMA worker who was supposed to show up for the house and did not.

Kudos to the police officer who kept his cool at the Wilson Street Hy-Vee, on Sunday, when residents were understandably upset over the disorganization at that check-point location.

to those, the people making decisions, who had so little regard for
residents that they would "advertise" the ability to "get into their
homes" when the decision makers should have known that they did not
have the man (or woman) power to micro manage the entry and in fact,
some of the areas could not even be reached without boats.

Kudos to the many friends and neighbors who are pitching in to help their co-workers, relatives, and anyone needing help.

Lemons to those few merchants who are price gouging rental space and equipment.

Kudos to the Salvation Army and the Red Cross for a job well done.

Lemons to the city for not being prepared to utilize liscensed
electricians who have offered to volunteer to inspect. Do you suppose
there some people who won't have the $ to pay for that service right

Kudos to the person who thought of keeping I-380 open but
designating the outside lane for use by emergency and relief vehicles

Lemons to those selfish (thinking only of "me") drivers
who did not obey the designation and traveled in the outside lane
anyway -- and several times impeded ambulances moving to a location.

to the motorists who moved to the side on the congested Wilson Avenue,
when emergency vehicles approached. The corridor down the center of the
road was freed up so the vehicles could move unimpeded.

to those few drivers who took advantage of the situation to cut through
a commercial parking lot and "budge" in line. What cads.

to the religious community for stepping up to the task and preparing to
coordinate faith communities into help. Read more about this at

Sharron McElmeel

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