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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chemistry and Graphic Novels

Those of you who know my daughter, Deborah, know her as a talented baker and gourmet cook, chemistry teacher, and artist -- she is very talented and creative. In the past she has illustrated several of my books; and was extremely important in the development of recipes for Authors in the Kitchen and Authors in the Pantry, and thus earned "written with" credits. Deborah has now had her first article published -- an article that is in HER specific realm of expertise. Now if I could only get her to give me her cheesecake recipes.

The article:
McElmeel, Deborah L. (November/December 2008) "The Chemistry of Graphic Novels." Library Media Connections. 27:3 (38-39)

Library Media Connections is published by Linworth ( -- I hope you will take a look. The Nov/Dec issue is filled with helpful articles about graphic novels.

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