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Friday, April 10, 2009

New Ideas, New Books

During this season local florists are featuring a Teleflora Peter Rabbit cookie jar with a beautiful floral arrangment. Although several florists were supposed to have the cookie jar -- only one actually did --
Stejskal Florist's Inc (319) 365-2643.

But I now have the bouquet. Such fun. Visit my Beatrix Potter page for more.

Meanwhile -- two new books not to be missed are coming.
Tanya Lee Stone has a great new book out, Almost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared to Dream. I got the book one afternoon began to read it, thinking I would browse through it over the next few days. Not to be, I started reading and the story was so compelling that I read it word-for-word without putting it down. Good thing I had started dinner or my husband and granddaughter might not have gotten dinner before she had to go to class. It is a book that anyone who wants to inspire young learners must read aloud with them. Booktalk the book, read a chapter or two aloud, read it all aloud but somehow get this book into the hands of those you want to aspire to greatness. Every library needs this book, and anyone interested in encouraging young people to do their best - to achieve greatness should find a way to share this book.

And a younger audience will want to enjoy Jim Aylesworth's retelling of The Mitten. The book isn't out yet but watch for it. It'll be sure to be a winner.

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