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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Life Notice -- Helen Ada Miller Hanson

When I first read each little bird that sings by Deborah Wiles - I loved Comfort and loved her idea of a "life notice." Seemed like a great idea when someone passed -- to celebrate their life. So when my mother passed a couple of days ago, I made my attempt at writing a life notice. It has a little feel of the traditional obit as I did have siblings to placate -- BUT it definitely, I think, provides a glimpse into her life. The down side is it cost almost $500 to publish in the paper. (They just publish the "death notice" for free :>) Well worth it IMHO.

 Search - Miller, Helen Miller (obit)

Thanks to Deborah Wiles for Comfort, and thanks for the "life notice" seed. If she hadn't planted that several years ago -- I would have missed my chance to harvest that idea today. I am very pleased that the world will have a small idea of my mother's life.

This version has an expanded "ancestor" paragraph and doesn't include the wake/burial info. Those details are left of the paper on Sunday (October 11,2009)

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