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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birds and Quilts

I was looking for "conversation fabric" today.  Did not know that is what it was called—I had always called those fabrics that were not just swirls and circles and such "novelty" fabrics.  That also did not include fabrics with flowers, checks, or plaids.  I was looking for fabrics with bears- -I have this idea for a "bear" quilt for my adult daughter; and I was also looking for any fabric that might fit into my "literary quilt."  I have fabric for the gingerbread boy, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Dr. Seuss, Chicken Little, Little Red Hen, etc. etc. -- and today since I had just received the current issue of LibrarySparks, I had on my mind Claudia McGehee's Where Do Birds Live?  It is a delightful book about birds across the United States, with wonderful illustrations featuring a signature bird in a specific habitat.   I was thinking a wonderful bird filled fabric might be just the fabric to put into a part of my literacy quilt.  I didn't buy the bird fabric - it wasn't quite right; but  I did manage to find two fabrics with a bear motif.  And in the process I discovered that what used to be "novelty" fabrics are now being referred to as "conversation fabric."  More about my quilting later.
See earlier entry on this blog about McGehee's book.

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