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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Rose Among the Thorns - Wading Through E-Mails

Sometimes among the thorns one finds a rose -- this time it was a gem of an article about the learning that followed one group reading "Fire on the Mountain" by Jane Kurtz.  
This morning I was faced with dozens - no hundreds of e-mails.  Since I often get e-mails from people I don't know, but do want to get, I do not automatically file away the junk mail but just let them show up marked with a junk icon.  The result -- I get lots of junk.  Today I was visited by Shari's berries (whatever that is), offered coupons, homeowner's insurance (Farm Bureau has served me well for decades, thank you), profitable ideas for a gift shop, flowers for Valentine's Day, Secrets to winning scholarships (Just tell me where the legitimate opportunities are and we'll deal with it), instant medical help, low fares to places I don't want to visit, access to credit scores (thanks my are just fine), auto insurance (Farm Bureau does well here too), more Valentine's bouquets (I will get mine from Green Endeavors in Mt. Vernon) but in among the e-mails was one telling me about an article about a middle school in Bermuda and how they investigated What is Wat? -- and "It all started out with reading a book called ‘Fire on the Mountain’ by Jane Kurtz." -- Read about their learning experience "Students get a taste of Ethiopia Do you know what’s wat?"  The article will explain how real questions lead to real inquiry and real learning.  And now they know what is wat and their world has just been enlarged.

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