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Monday, May 16, 2011

E.B. Lewis and Mark Teague - IRA 2011 in Orlando

Mark Teague and E.B. Lewis
© 2011 Sharron McElmeel
Mark Teague (l) and E.B. Lewis (r) presented in a session focusing on the interplay of text and illustration in books.  Lewis's presentation showed his use of models to provide poses and lighting.  After staging the models in positions he will need to paint he photographs them, sometimes using 2-3 photographs to construct one illustration.  His medium of choice is watercolor and he uses that medium magnificently.
Earl Bradley Lewis is a Philadelphia native and still lives in the area.  He has illustrated over fifty books for children, including Jacqueline Woodson's The Other Side (mentioned early in this blog) and books by Jane Kurtz (who will be mentioned in a future post). 
Lewis has won many awards and is an active member of the illustration community.  Original art work from his first 23 books are held by the Kerlan Collection in Minneapolis, MN.  Learn more about E.B. Lewis at his website

Fire on the Mountain
by Jane Kurtz

Only a Pigeon
by Jane Kurtz
and Chris Kurtz

The Other Side
by Jacqueline Woodson

Faraway Home
by Jane Kurtz

Mark Teague is the illustrator (and sometimes author) of  over 40 children's books including the Poppleton series, the First Graders from Mars series, The Great Gracie Chase, and most recently the series about LaRue.  The first book in the series: Dear Mrs. LaRue is story of a homesick child writing home from summer camp — except it is a clever dog writing home from obedience school! Teague has always been a doodler, a scribbler, and a sketcher. Some of his earliest memories are of dictating stories to his mother.  She would type up the stories and he would draw illustrations to accompany the tales.  Teague grew up in San Diego where he still lives. Learn more about Teague on the Scholastic site at:

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