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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Greg Tang - Math, Science, Puzzles and of course, BOOKS

Greg Tang, author of The Grapes of Math and
many other math stretching books
© 2011, Sharron McElmeel

On the convention floor (International Reading Association, 2011) I came across one of my favorite authors.  He has probably done more to integrated math (and science) with literature than any other author.  His first book,
Grapes of Math: Mind Stretching Math Riddles / by Greg Tang ; illustrated by Harry Briggs, is still very popular and has led to interest in his many other titles related to mathematics and science.

Other titles include Math Fables Too: Making Science Count / by Greg Tang ; illustrated by Taia Morley.

Locate more information about him and his books at Tang's website.

Tang has also developed a math challenging math puzzle form -- Kakooma™.  If you can add two numbers together you will be hooked once you try these puzzles for all ages.  Amazing fun if you enjoy a challenge - -and puzzles.  Check out Kakooma™ and download a sample puzzle page.

You'll also want to  read Katherine Pierpont's interview with Tang, first published in Teaching K-8 (no date provided).

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