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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seymour Simon, Liz Nealon, and John Briggs

In addition to the wonderful speakers, the International Reading Association's conference was a great place to meet and greet "old" friends.  On the convention floor near the Holiday House booth, I was delighted to be able to say hello to my very favorite science writer - Seymour Simon and his lovely wife Liz Nealon.  On the right is Holiday House's John Briggs, publisher extraordinaire.  Seymour is the author of dozens of wonderful books that do much to introduce young readers to scientific concepts.  See his website at for more information about his books.  Liz is managing director of "Seymour Science."  Seymour's website has information about his books, a science blog, downloadable Teacher Guides, videos and previews, as well as video trailers.  I was most delighted to find out that his very popular book Animal Fact / Animal Fable (with illustrations by Diane DeGroat), is available as an Android phone app which has a "read to me" narration.  It will soon be in the iTunes store so those with an iPod Touch or an iPad will be able to enjoy it anew.   This book, Animal Fact / Animal Fable, has always been one of my favorites and I find out from Seymour's website that it has been one of his own favorites as well. I'm excited to share this information with my youngest grandchildren (4-6-8); although it's a thought provoking book for all ages.  I still love the book and it remains one that sits on my "favorites" shelf.

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  1. Thanks for the very nice mention of John Briggs, me, and my books and my lovely wife Liz!

    I do love Animal Fact/Animal Fable and it looks fabulous in its digital app version in the Android Marketplace!