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Monday, September 19, 2016

Talk Like a Pirate Day - September 19

Pirates • Pirates • Pirates  September 19 
(every year) is International Talk Like a Pirate Day

And a few books - to focus on pirates.

View video about how to make a pirate map at

There are many books to feature Pirates. The Pirate Activity Book will correlate with most of them. The Lost Treasures book by the Owens has an interactive web page that older readers will enjoy exploring -- and solving the puzzle. Visit

Sobel, June. (2006) Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC. Illustrations by Henry Cole. Harcourt.

Tucker, Kathy. (1997) Do Pirates Take Baths? Illustrated by Nadine Westcott. Albert Whitman.

Long, Melinda. (2003) How I Became a Pirate. Illustration by David Shannon. Harcourt.

Kennedy, Kim. (2007) Pirate Pete's Talk Like a Pirate. Harry N. Abrams.

Kramer, Andrew. (2010) Pajama Pirates.  Illustrated by Leslie Lammie.  HarperCollins.

Long, Melinda. (2010) Pirates Activity Book. Illustrations by David Shannon. HMN Books.

Yolen, Jane. (1998) The Ballad of the Pirate Queens. Illustrated by David Shannon. Voyager pb.

Yolen, Jane (2008) Sea Queens: Women Pirates Around the World. Illustrations by Christine Joy Pratt. Charlesbridge.

Dubowski, Cathy East. (1996) Pirate School (All Aboard Reading Level 2). Illustrated by Mark Dubowski. Grosset & Dunlap.

McPhail, David. (1997) Edward and the Pirate. Little Brown.

Owens, Jeremy. (2007; 2010 pb) Lost Treasures of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Illustrated by James Owen. Simon & Schuster.

The following two sites are more appropriate for an adult to pick and choose ideas to share.  I do not recommend sharing directly with elementary students, and maybe not even middle school students.  Salty language and lines with a lot of innuendo.
International Talk Like a Pirate Day has a teacher's page that might be helpful.  Check it out here! 
If you want to speak Pirate - go to this English to Pirate translator

And you might like these non-fiction books about pirates.
Wilson, Jacqueline. (2002)  Pirate (Eye Wonder Series).  Dorling Kindersley.
Platt, Richard.  (2002) Pirate (Eyewitness Guides). Dorling Kindersley.

There are a couple of cookbooks but these are really not worth finding -- but the titles might inspire a writing exercise -- ask readers to create their own idea of what pirates might eat.  What type of sandwiches? What do pirates eat?  And what might be some recipes for those foods?  Create a class book of Pirate foods (and plan to skip the two food titles, not much inspiration :>)
DK Publishing. (2007) The Pirate Cookbook.  Dorling Kindersley.
Schuette, Sarah L. (2011) A Pirate Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Kids (First Facts).  Capstone Press.


  1. Amanda Clark10:42 AM

    Pajama Pirates by Andrew kids have really enjoyed it.

  2. Thank you - nice addition. I will add it to the master list. Sharron