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Friday, November 02, 2012

100 Mile Run

Today marks the first day of the 100 mile endurance run to be made by Michael -- 100 miles.  This topic must be good for a 100 day celebration in schools.  A great physical activity -- log 100 miles of running/walking in celebration of 100 days of school.
But this run is by one person - one day (will it may take more than 24 hours).  The run is scheduled for November 3 - TOMORROW, 2012 and will be run in the Ozark National Forest.

We began this morning at 8:30 packed and ready to leave.

Picked up JD on the way and headed south across the Missouri line.  Along the way we stopped at Herman -- a quaint picturesque town,  just north of our night's destination - Cuba, Missouri - a little larger town of just over 3000 residents.
We ate lunch at Montagues Bed and Breakfast --  the restaurant is known for it's potato soup ( recipe was in County Living in 2004) and its smoked chicken sandwich.

Michael and JD outside of the Montagues restaurant in Herman, Missouri.
Checking out the menu.

The Chicken Salad sandwich was tasty, and the potato soup -- although "famous" -- not so much.

Homey decor -- very quaint.

We then went on to Cuba.  Cuba was named for the country of Cuba and has been here since its founding in 1857 by George Jamison and Wesley Smith.  It is known for it mural project - having been designated as the Route 66 Mural City by the Missouri legislature in recognition of Viva Cuba's Outdoor Mural Project.  Twelve murals are in place along the Highway 66 Corridor.  We surely will see some of them and picture them here.

But for now we are settled in to our hotel - and must be at a mandatory meeting for runners (optional for the crew) at 6 p.m. and then will come back and settle in -- up at 3:30 a.m. or so to head to the starting point -- some 50 miles south.

More on this 100 mile run tomorrow.

Update on the rest of the run - see this entry:


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