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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sharing the Birthday Pie

Peach & blueberry pie ready for my friend who shared my birthdate and is a pie guy. He also compiles our winning stats for our monthly 5 Crowns card games. So much fun.

The pie is an adaptation of one my mother always made with rings of cherries, apples, and raisin as filling.  This one is a combination of peach filling and blueberry filling.
After making the bottom pie crust I filled the edges with the peach filling (ringing the edges but keeping it from spilling over into the center) - only a small layer.  Then I  filled the center with the blueberry filling.  Finally I filled up the peach layer on the edges.

The top was made with cut out pie crust shapes - small circles around the edge and card symbols in the center.  Note in the 5 Crowns game that we play the suits are hearts, diamond, clubs, spades, and stars - hence the stars her in this assemblage of shapes.
Ideas for creating other pie crust toppings can be found here: 
How To Make a Decorative Pie Crust - Topless Baker.  Youtube at
Six Easy Decorative Pie Crusts: Howdini Baking.  Youtube at
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Using these ideas - get creative and make your own designs.  Check out the basics: How to Pretty Up Your Pie with Pastry Cutouts.

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