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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Floods in Cedar Rapids IA

Anyone who took a look at our snow pictures ( will see why we have some of the water we are having right now -- June 10-12, 2008.

We live on one of the higher pieces of land in Linn County and a ways from the river but gee you can't believe the swath it is cutting through the downtown -- at least 30 blocks from the river; no less than 15 on each side -- one bridge is wiped out. All other bridges across the river are closed. One sheet metal shop (Climate Engineers) has water to the top of the doors -- equipment has to be seriously damaged. Quaker Oats the largest cereal plant in the World is taking on water. One hospital (Mercy Medical Center) has closed to new patients. The ground floor (no patients there) has 3 feet of water and on and on and on.
All residents on city water have been asked to drink only -- no baths, no cooking, no anything with water as the supply is in serious jeopardy. What an oxymoron -- a shortage of water.

Since we are in the "country" we have our own well and pump -- but no one can get here to make use of their "connection."

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