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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gift Giving Suggestion #10 - Family Read

Merry Christmas, Merry Crow
Appelt, Kathi. (2005) Merry Christmas, Merry Crow. Illustrated by Jon Goodell. Harcourt.

Crow flies throughout the bustling pre-Christmas city gathering bits and pieces of odd objects while people go about their business. Observant readers will see the people again at the city Christmas Tree -- when the crow's mysterious purpose is revealed.

A "Jackdaw"
1) A Eurasian bird (Corvus monedula) related to and resembling the crows, having black plumage with a gray nape and underparts.
2) a type of bird of the crow family that sometimes steals bright objects.

A Book Jackdaw -- book report, a jackdaw or book talk (a jackdaw is a collection based on a historical event, historical figure or period, often includes facsimile copies of diaries, letters, newspaper articles, advertisements, or other evidence from the time. A book talk is a creative way to get people interested in reading the book by representing a small portion of a book. A few ideas are a television commercial, a brief act or play, becoming one of the characters, or designing a new book cover as a few examples).
December 10, 2009 (Thursday)

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