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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Gift Giving Suggestion #9 - Family

Brumbeau, Jeff, and Gail de Marcken. (2001) The Quilt Maker's Gift. Scholastic/Orchard.

A book that you just have to love - even if the text is a little overwrought. A very rich but very selfish king demands a quilt from the quiltmaker. However, she won't sell the king one and she will only give him one if he has given away all of his possessions. He demands -- but she stays true to her mission. The King finally gives in -- he really does want a quilt, and he begins to dispose of his other possessions. With each item that he gives away, he becomes happier and happier. And predictably, he does get his quilt.
Each block of text is placed inside a cream colored block with a miniature quilt block accenting the cream colored block and text. These blocks are replicated on the end pages with names/titles of the blocks.
So give this book to a quilter as inspiration for quilt blocks (there are books that have patterns for the blocks featured in this book) or give a child a quilted doll blanket and this book; or a mother a quilted table runner, a quilted bedspread, or a child a quilted/patchwork skirt, shirt, jacket, and pillow for their bed.

The quilt pattern books are summarized and linked from pages on the Quiltmaker's Gift website.
December 9, 2009 (Wednesday)
p.s. It's snowing here in -- a blizzard in fact -- so a quilt to cuddle before the fire place is one of the best things to have. This book may inspire.

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